Rental FAQs

What is the rental service?

The Dolls4You Try Before You Buy service is the UK’s FIRST Love Doll rental service. The service is available to MEMBERS ONLY.

If you’re thinking about buying a Love Doll but are a little bit unsure about committing just yet, you can use the Dolls4You Doll Rental service to Try Before You Buy.

The Dolls4You Try Before You Buy service gives you the opportunity to spend quality time with the Love Doll of your choice, in the comfort of your own home for between 1 to 7 days.

After this, you will know what it’s like living and interacting with a real Love Doll and you are more able to make an informed decision about whether you want to purchase one or not.

However, if you are ready to buy a doll now you can head over to the ‘Buy’ section of the website where you will find a much wider range of dolls for sale.

How does it work?

You must first become a MEMBER. Complete the membership application and agree to the Terms and conditions of membership. Your application will be processed by our team within 24-48hrs and if approved you will be able to start using the Dolls4You Try Before You Buy service in accordance to the terms and conditions of your membership which is available here:

You will also need to provide proofs of ID on, or before the first day of your rental.

Id required:

1 x photographic ID (Passport or Drivers licence

2 x Proof of Address: (Current utility bills)

How much does it cost?

This will depend on the doll that you choose. Daily rental fees range from between £95 to £199 for 24hrs. The standard rental rates are listed on the profile page for each doll. This includes a non-refundable £25 delivery fee that must be paid at the time of booking, before the delivery is made.

How does delivery work?

We will deliver your doll directly to you in a discrete container at the time and date of your choice.

No one will know what’s inside. Our delivery drivers will respect your privacy, your neighbors and any specific requirements. We can drop her off at your door, set her up in your home or anything in between and we will do so quickly and professionally. We can even leave the doll in a secure location if you prefer not to meet our driver in person for privacy reasons. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to pick her up yourself, that can be arranged too.

Is there a minimum age?

Yes. You must be over the age of 18 to use the DialADoll service and website.

Where is the service available?

The Dolls4You Try Before You Buy service is currently available to UK residents living within Greater London and the M25.

The service is also available throughout the UK upon request. If you live outside the M25 please send an email to: including the name of the doll you would like to try and your FULL postcode. We will respond to you within 24hrs.

Dolls can be delivered anywhere in the UK except for the Isle of Wight and the Outer Hebrides

Are the dolls realistic?

Yes. These are premium dolls and they are as realistic looking as dolls get. They have beautiful facial features, extremely soft skin and hyper realistic body parts. In many cases you will struggle to tell the difference from the real thing.

How big are the dolls?

Our dolls come in a range of sizes. Generally, around 5ft 3 inches in height and weigh around 40kg.

The height and weight of each doll is clearly stated on her profile page.

Why is there a delivery fee?

Once you make your booking we allocate a delivery agent and we secure the date and time of your choice immediately. If for some reason you cancel your booking, we do not receive a refund from the delivery agent, so the £25 delivery fee covers this.

What is the security deposit for?

Our dolls are premium, high quality and very valuable. Although they are very flexible and robust, their skin is made of medical grade TPE or silicone. Their skin is as soft and delicate as human skin, so it can be damaged if not treated properly. You will receive a set of instructions on how to properly handle the doll (basically the same way you would treat a real person) but should you ignore these instructions it is possible for the doll to be damaged.

The fully refundable security deposit of £500 is our guarantee that should the doll be damaged we will be able to cover the cost of repair. Don’t worry, your deposit is immediately returned to you on the last day of your rental period after we have inspected the doll.

Are the Dolls clean?

Absolutely. The reality is our dolls are cleaner and safer than a real person.

Before a doll is sent out it undergoes a 3-step process which we developed in house called ‘RESTORE’. This renders each doll virtually like new when they arrive at your door.

The process includes a thorough internal and external inspection followed by a professional INTERNAL and EXTERNAL sanitisation and cleaning process using medical grade processes and cleaning agents.

Also, for additional cleanliness the dolls arrive with a brand new (un touched) vaginal insert. This is yours to keep should you wish to use the service again.

Is it legal?

Of course. It’s 100% legal to use DialAdoll. Just like hiring a car or anything else. This is simply a high-quality love doll that you can buy or rent.

Will you protect my privacy?

Absolutely. We appreciate and value the privacy of all our customers. We will never voluntarily share, sell or disclose any personal information. Our business is conducted through a secure e-commerce platform and we are also certified by payment providers to process online payments.

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