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Your Doll is a valuable investment which is built with the highest quality materials and manufacturing standards. If you follow diligent care practices your doll should last for up to 10 years. We have put together a list of tips to help you look after your doll as best as possible.

If your doll does become damaged – please email us at, we offer a repair service that will return your doll as good as new.



The best way to store your doll is vertically. Each doll purchased from Dolls4You comes with a free Doll Storage Kit which enables you to safely hang you doll for safe storage in a closet or on a hanging rail for example. You should also cover your doll with a clean dust proof cover to keep her skin fresh and dust free. Ideally you doll should be kept in an area that is cool and free from direct sunlight and damp. It is also possible to store your doll by placing her in a sitting position or lying on her back. If you opt for this method, you should ensure she is not wearing any tight or colored fabrics to avoid any damage or stain of the skin. Ensure that your doll is always stored away from any sharp objects or blunt objects that apply any pressure to the skin.



Dolls4You recommend that you give your doll a general clean every 30 days. It is ok to clean your doll in the bath or shower with warm water and a gentle soap. Do not allow your dolls head to become submerged under water. It is recommended that you clean your dolls head separately. You should remove the doll’s wig before cleaning its head.

After washing your doll, you should dry it thoroughly with a clean towel to remove excess moisture. Do not use a blow dryer as this could cause damage to the doll’s skin, if the heat becomes too concentrated in isolated spots.



After your doll has been thoroughly dried it is recommended that you apply some Premium Renewal Powder to your doll’s skin. This will help remove any remaining moisture and keep her skin nice and soft. You can also apply Premium Renewal Powder to your doll’s skin if you ever feel that her skin feels slightly sticky to the touch.



You must always clean your doll’s intimate parts immediately after any usage or contact with bodily fluid. This applies to the Vaginal, anal and oral parts. You should firstly flush the canal with warm water and anti-bacterial soap and use a Vaginal Irrigator to achieve a thorough internal clean. Dry the canal thoroughly and once completely dry you should apply some Premium Renewal Powder externally and internally.



Before inserting a Replaceable Vaginal Insert into your doll, we recommend that you firstly apply some Premium Renewal Powder to the inside of the dolls vaginal cavity and to the outside of the vaginal insert. This will allow for smooth, friction free transition of the insert into the vaginal cavity. The vaginal inset can be cleaned in the same way as the other intimate parts (as above).



Easily maintain your wig in a similar way to human hair. Firstly, remove the wig from the head of your doll and Simply wash it with ordinary shampoo and conditioner. The wig should be allowed to dry naturally and then brushed gently.



We recommend that you use the approved make up products you can find in our accessories section. Or for a high quality, professional touch you can use our unique Doll Make Over Service



Make up can be removed with a damp washcloth with warm water. You can use a paper towel or dry cloth to pat her face dry. However, to remove makeup properly and avoid staining we recommend that you use The Doll Makeup Remover



Your doll’s skin is very delicate, so you must always use a water-based lubricant for all cavities (Vaginal, Oral and Anal). Failure to use a water based lubricant each time you use your doll will probably result in tearing of the the doll’s skin due to friction.



Some perfumes may contain alcohol which can damage the skin, so we suggest you spray it on a hidden part (such as the armpit) or avoid perfumes which contain alcohol. We sell a range of alcohol free perfumes for dolls here



Your doll has an internal metal skeleton, various fixed and movable joints and skin that is made of either High Quality Silicone or TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer).

These materials allow your doll to look and feel extremely realistic and be very flexible care. However, care should be taken when handling and moving your doll around to avoid internal or external damage. It is normal for your dolls joints will feel slightly rigid – particularly when new. Do not move your doll to excessively or rigorously as this could cause damage to the dolls skin from the inside out.

As a rule of thumb, you should only move and position your dolls body and joints in the same way that is possible for a human.



You can dress your doll any way you like. Feel free to use any regular women’s clothes. We provide Bust/Waist/Hip measurements for that. We also stock a range of clothing specifically created to suit each doll. You can find the range of clothing here



All dolls sold at are 100% safe for human usage. Whether it is a TPE or silicone doll, none of them contain hazardous or irritable components. They are made with the same materials as sex toys. So, you can rest assured your dolls are 100% safe.



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